Desayunos Larios Centro


This is really starting the day on the right foot, and the rest is nonsense! Breakfasts at #LariosCentro feel and taste better, scientifically proven 😉

Here we leave you options to lick your fingers:


If you have been serious about starting the day with energy, VIPS is your place to do it.

From sweet to salty, from French Toast to eggs Benedict with salmon, from a classic “Andalusian” breakfast to an English Breakfast through some dulce de leche, banana and walnut pancakes. Without forgetting their OREO Shake… mmmm!


When you enter the Dunkin’ universe, it is impossible to leave it… without donuts in hand and another path to the stomach!

Therefore, there is nothing better than starting the day on a high note by giving yourself a very sugary tribute.


Quick question: Could this coffee look better with a touch of cinnamon and a freshly baked Neapolitan from Blend Café? Its delicious smell already permeates the screen and makes us really want to eat one, don’t you?


Are you team sweet or team salty? Whichever team you are, you will surely join the Café & Té team and end up enjoying their breakfasts as it should be.


Why choose between two sandwiches, if you can devour both and finish the game with a chocolate croissant? Best combo that you won’t be able to resist at Pans & Company.


Could it be better to start the day with a good coffee accompanied by a black forest cake or some pancakes with Nutella? We know the answer is no, so we recommend you stop by Café Xpress to see for yourself.

RICH, RICH… Enjoy it!